Politically speaking, libs, hows your little global warming thingy going?

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  • Politically speaking, libs, hows your little global warming thingy going?


Answer #1 | 05/01 2014 13:00
You Cons ignore record high temps. In your little mind record low temps in our area means global warming doesn't exist but record high temps don't mean anything.
Answer #2 | 05/01 2014 13:02
Lib sheep like idiot wolf lie about record high temps while ignoring the fact of record cold as it happens right now
Answer #3 | 05/01 2014 13:01
Here, yes. Meanwhile, Australia is having record breaking heat waves. Did you think we predicted "global warming", actually climate change, just for the US? Do you think the climate has a wall around our borders and is unaffected by the rest of the globe? Ask this question again in June, since you think freezing temperatures prove "global warming" doesn't exist. We'll see what you think summer heat waves prove.
Answer #4 | 05/01 2014 13:01
In your own back yard no doubt.
Answer #5 | 05/01 2014 13:02
This would be a scientific case study that doesn't carry over to global warming/climate change. If the temperatures decrease every single year for, say, 20 years I might reconsider.
Answer #6 | 05/01 2014 13:03
We'll factor that into the forty million other data points collected over the last 150 years and let you know how much impact it has on the trend. But you don't have to wait for the math, it doesn't make a lick of difference.
Answer #7 | 05/01 2014 13:10
I think I will agree with 97 percent of scientists, just like I would agree with 97 of doctors who diagnosed me with the same condition, rather than calling them all quacks and believing the three percent, just because it coincided with Fox News talking points.
Answer #8 | 05/01 2014 13:07
It's called GLOBAL warming. Record low temps in North America on one day prove nothing, nor does the fact that there is still ice in Antarctica.
Answer #9 | 05/01 2014 13:06
Climate = long term, global = more than just the US. Global warming means more energy in the total system, so more volatile weather around the world. Prolonged drought, record floods, record highs and lows. There's more to the world than your little neighborhood. See the droughts in the US West and Australia, flooding this week in Ireland, etc.

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