Pokemon XY: How to get a pokemon egg?

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  • Pokemon XY: How to get a pokemon egg?


Answer #1 | 05/02 2014 13:04
it matters if they are the same egg type. raichu is ground egg type (ironic right?) and I don't know what zoroak or jolteon is, but ANY pokemon can breed with a ditto (even males!) exept for legondaries. Well, manaphy can breed with ditto, but you get phione... if you are trying to breed a Pikachu by using a raichu, the egg will be a pichu, and you have to evolve it with high friendship. If your trying for Pikachu's hidden ability, Lightning Rod, I think making one of the parents hold a destiny knot will work sometimes. If you want to breed a shiny, the chances are pretty slim, unless you use the Mesuda Method. The Medsuda Method is when you take a Japanese pokemon and breed it with a pokemon fomr your country, instead of the horrid odds of 1/8162 or something like that of getting a shiny, the odds are lowered to a 1/200 chance of getting a shiny. A shiny is just a pokemon that looks different than others, like a green jolteon, or a blue and brown zoroak, or a dark orange raichu... So many people want shinys that you could easily get a legendary pokemon for one! If you put raichu in, you would get pichu, zoroak = zorua, and Jolteon = eevee. You want the perfect pokemon with the stats you want and gender? breeding enough will eventully do that for you :) if you out 2 pokemon of the same egg group (or any poke and a ditto), then skate from battle tower to that one city about 5 times, the day care guy outside will turn around. talk to him, and he gives you an egg. note that you need to have an empty slot in your party to carry the egg! then just continue on with the game, or keep skating around until you get more eggs, and the eggs will eventully hatch into whatever the mom was... (or whatever pokemon wasn't ditto) LOL SORRY SO MUCH TO READ!! If you google it more info will come up. Hoped this helped :) ~Ninja_Bunny
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