please help tax for 2011-12?

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  • please help tax for 2011-12?


Answer #1 | 14/12 2013 07:31
You paid the right amount of tax on your PAYE earnings. JSA is taxable but payable gross. HMRC are now claiming tax at 20% of your JSA. (That would be £513 - who knows where the other 80p comes from, HMRCs computer is a mystery to us all). If you only received £849 in JSA, you only owe them £169.80 (give or take a £ depending on how the computer is feeling). JobCentrePlus should have given you a P45U in April 2012. If they didn't, they have broken the law. How much trouble would you like to make?
Answer #2 | 14/12 2013 13:54
No.... worse .. The JSA of £849 might NOT be included in the £11215 years income So you owe MORE tax not less. Reality, when you started the job they should have been given your P45 (by you) or they would get the value from HMRC electronically and your totals for the whole year will include the JSA or any other previous income. HMRC are just checking if they have it correctly but you do owe at least 545 pounds BUT this does not need to be paid now. It will be added as an adjustment to your PAYE code, so it is taken little by little each month off your pay - so expect to see less pay in your hand each month just not 545 less in one month. You have not broken the law. the records just need staraignening, and PAYE is the responsibility of your employer (now and HMRC/benefits before), they just need to sort it and adjust it. There will be no penalty to you. The JSA/P4g should have been reported directly to HMRC and after giving the P45 to your next employer, you may not have any copy.
Answer #3 | 15/12 2013 07:07
You must ask the job centre for a "Statement of Benefits" for the tax year 2011-12. The P60 that you have is from employment - you will not have received a p60(U) as you has stopped receiving JSA. I suspect that you did not hand over the P45(U) that you should have requested from the job centre. What I think happened is you did not tell the Job Centre about the job and you ticked Box A on a P46 - so you got your full allowances against the employment but owe basic rate tax on the JSA. They are wanting 20% of the JSA that they think you received. If you get and send on a statement of benefit showing a lower JSA figure then the tax due will decrease. You will owe 20% of the JSA received as your allowance went to the employment - go ask for a stetement of benefits.

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