Please help? is this OCD?

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  • Please help? is this OCD?


Answer #1 | 27/12 2013 15:40
The 'rituals' sound a lot like OCD. People with this condition get into routine of doing certain things in a certain order and this can in have a long term effect on their quality of life. Sometimes People with OCD have social issues related because it is a mental issue and can effect all aspects of the way you behave. I wouldn't say the panic in crowds is OCD- it is probably some form of anxiety which could be related to OCD. I don't think that thinking your friends say bad things behind your back is OCD it is simply a sense of paranoia. I would say you have a small form of OCD but the other issues are a case of paranoia and anxiety. If you are concerned I would suggest seeing a doctor
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Answer #2 | 28/12 2013 01:12
It's very possible, I'm completely sure I have it as well and a lot of different things happened to me. But one thing that really sticks out to me on whether or not you have it is your feelings. Like lots of people do things out of want, like they want things to be perfect, like a perfectionist. I feel like with ocd you do things out of need not want. Some of the first things I said when I started talking of the possibility of having it was that if I didn't do these things that something bad might happen. I told my mom I know it's impossible, and I know it can't happen, but just what if? And it kills me, but I still do them. I feel that people who are simply perfectionists don't experience that. It's a completely different feeling. I worry about everything as well, I stress and get frustrated about EVERYTHING although I don't need to. And have a super hard time making decisions, its horrible I get so mad I like cry, because I don't know what to do and I really don't want to make the wrong decision and regret it! You might not, but thoughs are some things that stood out to me. Hope it helped, this stuff can be really hard, don't worry if you do have it your not alone. By the way I'm a teenager it can happen to anyone
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