*******PLEASE ANSWER I NEED HELP WITH THIS************ :)?

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  • *******PLEASE ANSWER I NEED HELP WITH THIS************ :)?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 18:23
you could swim to lose weight if you want, i think it's much more fun than dieting, although you can still try to eat healthier as well, don't go crazy and count your calories, but be sensible and cut back on chips and chocolate. you could jog/go on walks, which can be less boring if you have music to listen to. if you cut back on fatty and sugary foods your skin will improve, also if the weathers good, the sun is very good for your skin. but also you can buy spot creams, you don't need anything too expensive, the cheaper ones work well too. you can buy a moisturizer in most shops, and just use a bit after you've washed and dried your face in the morning and evening. you can also use lotion on your legs/arms if you like, maybe once every day or two. filing nails is boring but you can do it whilst watching the tv. you just need more sleep, even if you are getting 8 hrs sleep, some people need more, i can sleep for 13 hrs and still feel tired, try to go to bed early and don't get up until you are fully awake, do this for about a week. you can still get up early for things you need to do but go to bed as soon as you feel sleepy rather than watching the tv or reading. to stop biting them you can get that nail varnish that tastes gross, and also chew gum if you need something to keep your mouth distracted. you cant make your hair grown faster but if you go to the hairdressers and get all the split ends (if you have any) and all the straggly bits cut off. then even though it's technically shorter it will look much nicer. if you get a nice conditioner too, it might make your hair more glossy. as for being more confident, you have to pick a confident person you think is nice, (it'd easier if you know them well) and whenever you need to be confident or feel awkward, just think about what they would do and act darling. you may feel uncomfortable and nervous but if you pretend to be super outgoing then eventually you actually become more confident. as for makeup, well you could get some concealer to cover the dark circles and spots, and some blush or bronzer if your skin is really pale, but you only need a light dusting. a little bit of brown mascara can look very natural. then some tinted lipbalm or nice lipgloss. you don't have to go over the top.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 18:40
Swimming is a great way to lose weight but make sure you cover your hair because the chlorine can damage your hair use a swim cap and wear goggles so your eyes don't get irritated. Eat healthy but don't think chocolate is bad dark chocolate is actually good for you just don't eat a whole bunch but the darker and richer the chocolate the better. Get a nail buffer and buff your nails and file them to stop biting them apply nail polish you wont want to bite them when they have nail polish on at least that's what I've noticed when I paint mine. There are a lot of creams for bags underneath of eyes try to find the right one to brighten your eyes and don't apply to much makeup only use the makeup to enhance your natural features don't use it to hide yourself. hope this helped :) be yourself too! don't let someone change who you are just because you want to impress them. :)
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Answer #3 | 24/12 2013 06:40
girl you dont need to worry about your wight or anything that guy should like u for who u r
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