Philosophically speaking, where is humanity heading?

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  • Philosophically speaking, where is humanity heading?


Answer #1 | 13/05 2009 13:45
Down the tubes Up the creek Out on a limb Into the night Over the cliff Round the bend ...and six feet under.
Answer #2 | 13/05 2009 15:17
probably where it is going to end up.
Answer #3 | 13/05 2009 21:27
yellow brick road; Man Behind the Curtain, skipping smile stretched & skin sallow, where emaciated cheeks speak in riddles: we laugh and listen with lollipops at the ready ...we're just jesters amusing the Oz...
Answer #4 | 14/05 2009 10:49
Not sure if this is a philosophical answer ... but humanity is heading in a direction toward self-absorption, loss of touch, apathy and psychological disorders which haven't been "invented" yet. There will be much medication. Have you ever seen Midnight Express - the part where the "insane" are walking around that statue? That's where we're heading. Heads down, not looking at each other, walking to nowhere.

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