People who tell u to smile R annoying?

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  • People who tell u to smile R annoying?


Answer #1 | 22/01 2011 23:25
i hate it too. & i guess tryna be kind ? who know's
Answer #2 | 22/01 2011 23:30
yes they r very annoying, every1 should b showing themselves for who they r not some fake smile
Answer #3 | 22/01 2011 23:50
i am so tired of that. i am not unhappy i am just me and smile back at those who smile at me. i smile at others too but when i am concentrating or thinking to myself i think it is rude for someone to say that to me. especially a stranger. i would never say smile to anyone for i do not know what that person has been through or feels at the moment. i have worked with the public forever and i have learned that not all people appreciate my smile or the good mornings but i do not talk back for i understand that people are human and have their own problems and it is not all about me however when i am .not working than i feel it is my right to smile or not. i think some are just wise guys that' all.i mean strangers who don't know you.

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