PCH VIP $40,000.00 Cash Prize I Would Like to Win

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  • PCH VIP $40,000.00 Cash Prize I Would Like to Win


Anonymous126885 | 06/06 2018 02:04
vip I would like to get 4 entries to win $10.000. pch i would like to win soooo I can get my husband a much needed vehicle. [email protected] Theresa Marie Stackles
Positive: 66.666666666667 %
Dwayne Felder | 27/02 2018 01:55
I would love to win $40,000 to help my family out to find this more comfortable and suitable place to live plus get the better car to take my mom back and forth to the doctor as well as myself I had two hip replacements have a filter inside and I just be able to help
Positive: 50 %
Dwayne Felder | 27/02 2018 01:53
I would really like to win the help my family you be able to move somewhere else that is more comfortable for them and myself
Positive: 50 %
Paulette boyles | 18/03 2018 06:12
Pct VIP $40,000.00 cash prize I would like to win to help with my granddaughter that has hydrocyphilas n seizures and bring her home
Positive: 50 %
Paulette boyles | 18/03 2018 06:09
I would like to win pch VIP $40,000.00 cash prize pluse the $7,000.00 a week for life need a life change
Positive: 50 %
Nancy Wilburn | 05/12 2017 03:21
I would like to win $40,000 from PCH VIPs. I could actually use that money for so much regarding my grand kids - student loans etc.. I could also use some for the Holiday shopping for my grand kids. I would feel soo Blessed. Please, Please, Please bring that check to me!!! I'm in it to win it!!!!! Thank you PCH VIPs, Nancy
Positive: 43.75 %
Kay Zinn | 10/01 2018 02:00
Help my husband & myself out to win because he was in the hospital 8X last year due to heart failure, plus was 4X in hospital do to blood
Positive: 42.857142857143 %
Anonymous456702 mary josephine fitzgeraldgriffin | 22/04 2018 03:31
Yes i would like the 40,000.00
Positive: 50 %
roxann white | 22/04 2018 06:52
8x entries to win vip $40,000,00 cash prize i would like to win
Positive: 50 %
Anonymous126885 | 06/06 2018 02:10
Please, i want to win i want to purchase a new much needed vehicle for my husband. This would be wonderful what a gift thanks theresa Marie Stackles [email protected] 4 x entries for the $10.000. 40.000.
Positive: 50 %

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