Parents are always disappointed in me, what to do?

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  • Parents are always disappointed in me, what to do?


Answer #1 | 30/12 2013 23:34
Let me them you, I'm African so I understand how serious our kind of foreign parents take religion, education and other stuff Americans/ Europeans could careless about sometimes. For them it's important to love you no matter what... as long as you're happy but for us, our parent see us as an extension of themselves, when we fail at anything then so have they. Believe me when I say it's coming from a place of love STRONGER than you can ever imagine. They won't tell you this because of culture but please know it. So in my opinion don' try to get them so see why you don't believe, put them down and tell them you are ready to "listen" since they value obedience, say you 'll try to make them happy by going to the mosque but you can't promise every Friday. Also, think of it as my 3 hours of your live once a week. You can take that to make your parents happy can't you?

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