Overall, what was the role of Jazz music in Beat poetry?

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  • Overall, what was the role of Jazz music in Beat poetry?


Answer #1 | 10/05 2009 05:35
There are a few ways to answer this. First of all they (Harlem Renaissance and Beat Generation) could just simply be called two counter-cultures which happened to take place around the same time, thus they were forced to intertwine. OR upon further investigation we can realize that all music and poetry (modern) can be attributed to jazz. The writing of it, the spontaneity of it, the reciting of it - all started to sound like jazz. EDIT: I'm coming back to this because I actually thought about it more as I went down stairs for a cup of coffee. A comparison to jazz and beat poetry - they both sounded so different to the listener's and reader's ears and eyes, but as both were listened to and read more and more they started to take on a meaning of their own. Gaining momentum along the way ... you can read dada and it makes no sense upon first reading - one can choose to never read it again or to give it a chance - by giving it that chance most are compelled to read more, eventually finding their own "beats" to it. (or something)

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