opinions on gluing plywood to existing plank subfloor?

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  • opinions on gluing plywood to existing plank subfloor?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 19:02
What kind of finished floor are you putting on top. Tar paper will stop squeeks
Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 10:48
Glue will not support over a void, and the subfloor will continue to cup and shift over time. The person left cursing your project might be you when the plywood develops the same wave as the subfloor or the levelling compound breaks up and develops lumps and voids. The better solution, and probably the least amount of expense and work, is replacing the subfloor. With an 8x8 room you can do it with 2 sheets of good subfloor material and be done with it without all the messing around with thinset, levelling compounds and such. Remove 1/2 the subfloor*, check the joists to make sure they are level and not waving up and down. Apply 2x4 "sisters" to level out any sags. Then install the first sheet. Use it as a platform and repeat the process on the other side. If you have a crawl spoace, remove the whole floor and stand on the dirt to woprk. *Slice the boards in several places with a rotary saw set to 3/4 inch, then pry them off the joists with a pry bar. I can clear a 4x8 section in under an hour, and I'm a retired writer with tendonitis.
Answer #3 | 21/01 2014 00:00
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