Opinion on these baby-names ? (Updated)?

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  • Opinion on these baby-names ? (Updated)?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 12:18
Gwendolyn Rose Eveleen ( F ) - Love it Candace Anastasia Eveleen - Love it Sirius Eveleen (Male) ( F ) - Gross Malcolm Eveleen ( Male) - Meh Charles (Charlie) Gideon Eveleen (Male) - Okay Jonathan Mordecai Eveleen (Male) ( F ) - Okay Aislinn Phaedra Eveleen - Okay Beatrice Lorena Eveleen ( F ) - Like it Genevieve Rowena Eveleen - Like it Anette Florence Eveleen ( F) - Ew Carmen Stacey Eveleen - Meh Saskia Grace Eveleen - Ew Anne Julia Eveleen - Love it Lois Cecelia Eveleen - Meh Madeline Ophelia Eveleen (F) - Okay Lavinia Renée Eveleen - Gross Beryl Adelaide Eveleen - sounds like medicine
Positive: 50 %
Answer #2 | 02/01 2014 12:17
Gwendolyn Rose~ Gwendolyn (Gwen) is very pretty. I dislike Rose, though. Candace Anastasia~ I like Anastasia but not Candace and I don't like them together. Sirius~ Well, um...I love the name but is it really doable in real life? Plus I think radio. Malcolm~ LOVE this name. the Beatles had a roadie named Malcolm. He went by Mal. Charles Gideon~ Outstanding name! Jonathan Mordecai~ I like both names. It's true. Not together, though. Aislinn Phaedra~ Well, just NO! Beatrice Lorena~ Not liking it much. Genevieve Rowena~ Not really. Not together especially. Anette Florence~ Okay. I love Anette but I prefer it spelled Annette. Carmen Stacey~ Okay. Not great for me. Saskia Grace~ I don't get Saskia and I have intense dislike for Grace. Anne Julia~ Two lovely names but I prefer Julia Anne. Lois Cecelia~ I love Lois but not Cecelia. Madeline Ophelia~ Not really. I don't think they go well together either. Lavinia Renee~ Lavinia, no. WAY old fashioned and harsh. Renee is nice. Beryl Adelaide~ Beryl....has anyone had this name since the 30's? Adelaide is okay. Anne Katherine~ by far the best name on the list. Malcolm is my favorite boy's name.
Positive: 33.333333333333 %

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