OMG... what do you think about this?

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  • OMG... what do you think about this?


Answer #1 | 10/12 2008 08:30
I know all those people!! Thier very very nice and you shouldn't gossip about them -hugs them- Just Kidding. I really have no idea what your talking about xD
Answer #2 | 10/12 2008 08:48
Wow! That is talent! I have trouble keeping up with my ONE troll account! haha jk! Seriously, why on earth would anyone want to do that? Crazy kids.
Answer #3 | 10/12 2008 08:33
LOL I think people like that are funny.
Answer #4 | 10/12 2008 08:48
I mostly just ignore them..most (if they truly are trolls) don't last long enough to worry about anyway. Block 'em and ignore..not worth the effort worrying about. Again, beautiful choice for a!
Answer #5 | 10/12 2008 09:22
The problem with trolls I've been having is them reporting my perfectly fine answers. How in the world does that happen?
Answer #6 | 10/12 2008 09:47
Trolls are what make Y!A entertaining.
Answer #7 | 10/12 2008 09:45
all my accounts have them on a watch list.

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