old chevy astro van big problem tired of.?

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  • old chevy astro van big problem tired of.?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 01:40
I have a 96 astro. I had similar problems getting it started intermittently for months until I finally changed the fuel pump(which solved the problem for me). If you remove the interior hump that goes over the engine there's a port in the fuel line where you can hook up a fuel pressure gauge. You should have steady 56 (check specs) or so psi after priming. Otherwise the pump or the pressure regulator is hosed. The fuel injectors won't operate at all it the pressure is too low. Definately replace fuel filter while you're at it. Backfiring? Check timing if its an older model. My 96 is all electronic so no timing issues on it. Not sure what year yours is so don't know if it's electronic ignition and if its fuel injected.
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Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 05:17
Dose your "old Astro van" have a distributer ? You clogged my head with too much info. The year of the van would help me. Your over thinking this, Stick to the basics. What's a back fire ? It's unburnt fuel igniting where it shouldn't. You get back fires from goofy timing and from too much fuel going in. A bad fuel filter restricts fuel flow, it starves the engine. It won't cause a back fire. I asked about a distributer, because a bad one can cause all your problems. If you have a distributer, adjust it, rebuild it, or better yet replace it. If you don't have one, look at sensors that feed info to the computer. You wrote about "a cap" is that a distributer cap ? I'm more interested in what's below the cap, like a worn out distributor. People love to forget that a distributor spins inside. Spin = wear. All that junk inside wears out, shorts out, and the mechanical advance weights lock up. Replacing it solves it all.
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