Ok we really need to help each other out?

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  • Ok we really need to help each other out?


Answer #1 | 04/03 2011 20:53
Some of these questions get reported for no reason. Its crazy. I loved that new Butler/Mauer commercial. Butler gave him a little chin music. And I love the new username. This guy Chris Hicks is also turning into a troll. Edit: Lol yea. And the guy K-Dawg is talking about is a d*ck too.
Answer #2 | 04/03 2011 21:08
I don't even know how they do it! I asked a question about avoiding the trolls and it got deleted seconds after I asked it (literally I posted it then checked my email and it was reported)... I don't know what to do either, though I haven't made as many enemies as those on the top of the leaderboard... Yes to the username
Answer #3 | 05/03 2011 04:07
Just do what I said and send the Y!A Team an e-mail about the trolls and be sure to give links of their accounts.
Answer #4 | 05/03 2011 09:44
Its ridiculous. I've had my two questions in question format deleted. I appealed and still haven't gotten a decision. I say we go to our secret hideout.
Answer #5 | 05/03 2011 16:18
We need to go somewhere else. I asked a question in this section a couple days ago, and it got deleted literally seconds after. I say we secretly e-mail each other and figure out a temporary Banjarmasin until the trolls give up. If they add us as contacts so they can see what we're doing, block them. I like your user name, by the way.

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