OK i'm 12 my dad died in Jan when will I be able to move on??

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  • OK i'm 12 my dad died in Jan when will I be able to move on??


Answer #1 | 13/07 2006 23:54
thats the hardest thing in life that you will have to deal with and it is extremely hard and im sorry for your loss but just think of the good not the bad
Answer #2 | 13/07 2006 23:58
stop trying to move on, you will never get over the loss of your dad. You will learn to live without him, you will never stop loving him or missing him, but you will find a way to survive. The only way to do it is to grieve the loss and each day a little bit at a time you will feel better. I found writing my thoughts in a journal was very helpful. Don't hold back, get happy, get sad, get angry cry laugh write what ever comes to your mind about your dad. It is okay to feel angry for him leaving you but remember he loved you and you loved him. Hey if you need to talk e-mail me. My dad died also, I am way older than you and have seen my share of people dieing so I understand what you are going through. We have good days and some real sad days that is the deal. good luck, and I am sorry that you lost your dad.
Answer #3 | 13/07 2006 23:57
give yourself time to morn his death. He was a very important part of your life and it takes time to grief over him. Everyone griefs different and everyone is different in reguards to time with moving on. My mother died when I was 18 yrs old, it took me a long time. Give yourself time and you will know in your heart when the time is right. The pain does get lessen as time goes by. Try if you can remember the good times and keep his memories in your heart that will make it easier for you.
Answer #4 | 13/07 2006 23:57
soon but you will never loose the feelings you have for him. best to make him proud and be what he would have liked you to be and i would be sure HAPPY would be one of many.
Answer #5 | 13/07 2006 23:54
Have courage. The whole world will be helpful to you.
Answer #6 | 13/07 2006 23:55
If your only 12 then you understand what death can be like, Moving on is never easy, but you must be willing to get some help, if you feel you can't talk to your Mother, then go to your Mnister/Pastor......they can really help I hope you find some peace there... I am very sorry for your loss
Answer #7 | 13/07 2006 23:59
First of all, my condolences. When I was 28, my husband of nine years died leaving my two children (then 6 and 9) without the dad that they loved so dearly. Moving on is never easy. The best way to cope is to get help. There are many organizations all over the country (free ones) that have counselors available to talk with surviving children. The next best way is to talk about it often. Remember the good times and the sad times -- remember it all! And don't feel guilty because you can't remember everything or because you're having fun. I'm sure your dad would only want your happiness. My kids' dad told them before he died that he just wanted them to be good and to be happy. It won't be easy. It never is. I lost my dad when I was 23 and I still miss him. I just lost my mom too. Grief is inescapable. But you can't let it control you. Only you control yourself and how you react to the world around you.
Answer #8 | 13/07 2006 23:59
You will never recover from his death, believing you will can only complicate the process. What will eventually happen is that you will find a way to live with this unfortunate reality. The pain won't go away--fifty years from now, when you least expect it, you will feel the pain as if from nowhere. Hopefully, you will have developed the tools to deal with it.
Answer #9 | 13/07 2006 23:55
That's a tough break, I'm so sorry. Everybody grieves in different ways, for different lengths of time. It might take you a little longer to work through it than somebody else. Have you thought about counseling? Talking to a trusted adult friend, or pastor or teacher? January really wasn't that long ago. I know this probably doesn't help you much... don't give up, though! Hang in there, and good luck!
Answer #10 | 14/07 2006 00:25
January is not that long! Give yourself time, it's ok to grieve for however long you need. The first year is always difficult. For each experience you will be reminded of and miss your father. Don't be afraid to talk about him and share your memories and feelings. Sometimes people around you may feel awkward or unsure of what to say or do when confronted with your grief, but that's ok. Time will help ease your hurt, but you won't ever "get over" your father's death, but it does get easier. Peace
Answer #11 | 14/07 2006 00:09
accept that it won't happen soon/make a plan i.e., decide what days you will follow your organized schedule, then, decide what days you'll take time to ponder your loss/ there is no way to avoid thinking about him, but you can try and have control over the indulging i.e., Mon - Thurs will be serious/Thurs eve i stay up and ponder/ Fri i'll rest/the weekend will be exercising and resting/ then Monday scedule resumes
Answer #12 | 14/07 2006 00:01
OK, I am 18 I lost my dad almost a year ago (year in Aug) and I also lot my mother two months later (Oct same year) any who It will always last but you cannot let it take over your life you got to be able to "let it go", even if its hard, you will never forget, but you can let it not be a daily "annoyance" just know that it will get better, it will be hard, I understand what your talking about PS: hit me up if you want to talk about it
Answer #13 | 14/07 2006 00:07
I am very sorry for your loss. It is never easy when someone close to you (especially a parent) dies. It may seem like a long time, but 7 months is not that long, and it is completely understanable that you are still grieving. Try to take comfort in the fact that your dad is in a better place, and is watching over you. (I belive our loved ones can see us from the other side.) You will eventually be able to move on, so try to hang in there. For now, embrace your grief and loss and most importantly pray for strength and hope. You have every right to be sad, and cry if you need to. You will be able to move on when it is time. God bless and keep you. I wish you the best in this time of your suffering.

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