Odyssey Crossword puzzle help? **DUE TOMORROW**?

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  • Odyssey Crossword puzzle help? **DUE TOMORROW**?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 17:50
Have you done any? When asking for Crossword help you should always advise the number of letters in the answer and also any letters that you have worked out from solving other clues (In your case this would be NONE!) I shall give you some answers to start you off, but I am not doing it all. 16 = Charybdis 21 = Scylla 28 = Ithaca 4. = Ulyssees 8 = Circe 10 = Sirens 11. Telemachus 13 = Penelope 14 = Aeolus 16. Ursa major 19. Alcinous 20. Cattle 25. Polyphemus or Cyclops 26. Athena They should get you going. I also know quite a few more. Once you have attempted it, and if you are struggling with a few answers then please ask again.

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