Nurses: Do you like your job?

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  • Nurses: Do you like your job?


Answer #1 | 18/12 2013 16:22
I am a school nurse (at a university) and I love my job. I love taking care of the students (and we have many of them). They are very smart and respectful. Basically I work in a large and very busy clinic and it keeps me on my feet all day. Everyone who works here has been here for years. I see some kids (well, they're young adults) on campus and they often say hi - although I don't remember their names most of the time. Those that I have seen personally (and as a nurse, I ask them why they are here, etc. before they see the doctor) - I know their private health problems, but I never repeat it to anyone. Privacy law is very strict and you wouldn't want your nurse to tell others about your problem that you were seen this morning at your doctor's office - this is what I mean. Most new grads are not hired at a place like this. They needed someone who has a good triage skills, and also, very good IV skills (I do plenty of that). There are only two of us that can do IVs in this building and it's a painful thing so I try to get it in the first time. New grad nurses don't learn triage skills in school (nursing school teaches you * bedside nursing * only.) So it came from working at urgent care and emergency room for years which I counted as a blessing. Best wishes
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