Now we have all moved to Canada, do we have to eat poutine?

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  • Now we have all moved to Canada, do we have to eat poutine?


Answer #1 | 23/10 2013 07:31
It tastes great but it makes you fat.
Answer #2 | 23/10 2013 07:35
It tastes really good, but its super unhealthy.. I also got sick of it (I'm Canadian-born). Try it, but eat it fast cause the fries are kinda gross when theyre all soggy and stuff. Welcome to Canada by the way! :) -Rachel
Answer #3 | 23/10 2013 07:34
I'm not doing it. You can't make me. Let's go to French Canada instead. Je voudrais de cafe et pain chocolat. Il y a ANS que j'ai manger de pain chocolat.
Answer #4 | 23/10 2013 07:50
Well, darling, I'm with darling india on this... je ne mange jamais le poutine... je voudrais un cafe creme et beaucoup de pain au chocolat. Vraiment. The offspring says it's better than it looks...but what does he know? He's 17. (((PKD))) (((ilf))) Toke, darling, may I have it with some other kind of gravy that isn't beef, please? And may I have a brownie spéciale when I finish my poutine? And THEN pain au chocolat? (*looks pleadingly at you*) (((Toke)))
Answer #5 | 23/10 2013 08:00
I thought we were moving to Wight Island?? *cancels reservations* EDIT: Humph. Surprised you didn't add an extra 'U' in there too.
Answer #6 | 24/10 2013 08:02
Yes, you have to eat it. It's the most delicious thing you will ever try.
Answer #7 | 23/10 2013 14:22
Eat it, there are no regrets. Ever.
Answer #8 | 23/10 2013 09:13
Poutine is awesome and I don't believe it is unhealthy, unless, like so many, you overeat like in everything else. French fries are what they are- potatoes. They are usually deep fried in oil. What kind of oil and how clean it is when they are cooked depends on who has made them. That can unhealthy or not. The cheese and gravy the same. I am not sure what type of cheese is used for poutine but any cheddar cheese melted is good on fries. Beef gravy is the best tasting gravy with French fries. If you are Jewish, of course you will not eat poutine at least not with beef gravy. Try chicken gravy instead, it will taste good, too. Poutine IS French Canadian so you will see lots of it there!!!

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