No blue screen just freezes and restarts?

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  • No blue screen just freezes and restarts?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 21:39
Came with a very low end power supply and fairly low end graphics. Definitely, if you upgraded the graphics without changing the power supply, you are probably getting power faults. I did not deal with the codes as I am more hardware than software. The minidump has info that technicians can deal with. Freeze and restart is notoriously a 12V power supply blip. $24 after rebate plus taxes in CA, TN, NJ covers you to about HD 7790 gtx 650 ti graphics cards Could be ram, could be HDD, could be a driver or software issue, but the power supply in the system is a 300 watt piece of junk top mounted. It is harder to mount a bottom mount supply in top mount mode, but it should work. No guarantees. Just is a common issue, and IF you changed the graphics card and not the power supply, it is by far the most likely problem.

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