need tips for first day of 7th grade?

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  • need tips for first day of 7th grade?


Answer #1 | 11/08 2011 02:22
Be yourself. Trust me.
Answer #2 | 12/08 2011 21:00
I'm also going into 7th grade and the first day is also on the 15th,my plans to make a good first impression is to laugh at the teacher jokes even if they arent funny to make a good impression on the teachers, to be nicer than i was last year and more loud to make a good impression on my friends and to make new ones, and to have a good outfit and to look good for the guys haha so just do anything you think will help you with everyone around you. hope i helped ya! :)
Answer #3 | 13/08 2011 13:46
Okaaaii on first daay skool my skool theey dnt likee if we bring all our skool supplies at once becuz we dnt get our lockers till problly the end of the week soo maybee thats like your skool go in your skool feeling confident this is ur time to make aa good impression haave fun! its 7th gradee! ur not a freshman anymoree! (6th grder) im going to 7th too im not worrried aat all becuhz i knoee i will be myself nd study haard nd haave fun thats it. try not to get in drama or worry bout boys till HS ok? it will help u in the long run when u make A's nd other grades nd u get accepted into a greaat college sooo haave fun! work hard nd be presentable likee dont come up to skool in aa tank top or daisy dukes or short skirts or come up with a whole in the shirt look nicee

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