Need help with vinyls...?

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  • Need help with vinyls...?


Answer #1 | 30/12 2013 04:13
The first answer makes many good points, so I'll just say that when you start to "get" vinyl, you will automatically want to begin to upgrade your music system with better speakers, and more power, or a great set of headphones. You will also begin to notice that MP3s aren't really a good way of seriously listening to music. Handle vinyl by the edges, and center, use a record cleaning solution to remove fingerprints. You won't have to do major cleaning on new vinyl, or vinyl you have already cleaned as long as you handle properly, and put it away after listening.
Answer #2 | 30/12 2013 07:46
First... Welcome to the dark side! I recommend that you find somebody that you know in your family or through friends that is into the vinyl. To really appreciate it you must be able to experience it first hand. It is really a hands on hobby that is difficult to explain over the web. Another good place to learn about vinyl is at used record shop, generally the people that work there are relatively knowledgeable and willing to share. The staff at big chain music stores are generally less knowledgeable. Here are some on-line resources (yes I know I am contradicting myself) that can help you get started: (Forums, and database for all things to do with vinyl playback) (on-line retailer of turntables, cartridges and accessories not necessarily the best prices but well laid out web-site with a lot of eye candy to dream about like $15K cartridges) As for copying vinyl to mp3, it is not recommended as it will provide you with the worst of both worlds, noisy playback and paired with horrible digital compression. Enjoy your vinyl in its native format! I hope this helps, Happy listening.

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