Need Help with my relation with my mother?

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  • Need Help with my relation with my mother?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 02:54
This a very difficult question to answer,you were very young to make the decision yourself to remain with your father if this was the case,do you think that may be part of the reason of your mothers behaviour toward you? It seems more likely to me that your mother was already in a relationship with this man that she married soon after her divorce and that it may be he that has greatly influenced your mothers decision about what happened to you. He may be a very jealous person and not wanted to rear a child that did not belong to him. I feel so sorry for the way that you have been treated by your mother she seems to be rather a cold and uncaring person. Were the grandparents that have taken care of you your fathers parents and have you tried to talk to them about your situation? It seems to me that you have gone out of your way to show you care and it doesn't seem to be getting you anything more than heartbreak and I think one day your mother will greatly regret her harsh treatment of you. It seems that this only leaves you with 2 options to enable you to move forward,one would be to get your mother alone and confront her and ask her to explain her behaviour. If you feel that this is not possible then write a heartfelt letter to her and let her know how much this has affected you. The only other option is to cut her out of your life and concentrate on the family that have loved and supported you and try to move on. One day you will have a family of your own and will know how to love and care for them and your mother will lose out on any possible grandchildren. I do hope you will find a good solution to your problem so wishing you good luck.
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Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 03:07
Move on with your life, you are 17 at an age where life will either grab you by your short an curlys or you will LIVE. if she has treated you like this then its time to move on, move forward and forgive her.
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