Need help w/ wedding planning, especially reception, guests, & food?

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  • Need help w/ wedding planning, especially reception, guests, & food?


Answer #1 | 05/01 2014 12:37
Have you ever been to a wedding with hundreds of guests? It is quite impersonal and impossible for the couple to greet everyone . I would think you would select people you enjoy and want to share the day with-not every single person you know. Also, all the plus ones who come with single people are never to be seen again after the wedding and are quite expensive. Why do you even want strangers there on your special day? Since your budget is small I feel you would be wise to face the fact that you cannot afford that many people and that is actually a good thing. Have a discussion with your fiance about slimming down the list to 150 and get a wedding etiquette book from the library or buy one. It will tell you about how many to expect from how many you invite etc as well as costs and proper protocol. Your wedding plan was WAY TOO BIG unless one is quite wealthy
Answer #2 | 06/01 2014 15:02
You should hire a wedding planner. You plan on one seat for each person invited. A $6,000 budget for 500 people is not going to work. Plus ones are always the most polite. Your planner will help you do your best with the budget.

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