need help. serious question.?

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  • need help. serious question.?


Answer #1 | 27/12 2013 18:33
The more she runs to the other guy and you tolerate it, the more you enable her behavior. Since you don't approve of this arrangement which is clear from what you wrote, then the only way for her to come back and complete your family is for her to decide that its you she wants. And in order to do that the best advice goes this way. Be the best dad you can be for your child. Make it apparent to her that you're the best dad he can ever have. Also make it apparent to her that you're not interested in her as a mate because she's already got a boyfriend and you're tired of sharing her with another man. You can put a fine point on that by reminding her that you want to be a good example for your son, and that you would not want your son to have to share a woman with another man against his will the way you're being forced to share her with another man. And just resist the temptation to keep taking her back. Obviously she's outworn your unconditional love. She's essentially rejected it. So now its tough love time. And tough love says that she cannot have you and the other man and a stable family for your child together. So she has to decide who she wants. No matter which choice it is, you're prepared to live with it one way or another. If that doesn't work, then I suggest you start searching for a new woman in your life and a new step-mom for your child.
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