Need guidance on bodybuilding and proper diet?

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  • Need guidance on bodybuilding and proper diet?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 21:08
I have been training people since 5 years, I have came across many issues like this before. My friend you need a proper routine, true coach, good rest, proper diet and some add on protein shakes. 1. Now a days coaches get paid real good money and they have been told by the owners of the GYM to take every member slower to the fitness process. The more slower coach's guide you the more money owners will make from people. This is a business technique. 2.Now coming to your issue, friend your diet seems like pretty fine, However "Please try to add some protein shakes like ON Whey Protein gold Standard. 3.Sleep for at-least 8 hours a day, 4.You have pain in your joints specially in wrist because there is something wrong when you are lifting up. You have to loosen-up your body specially your joints when you are lifting don't lock your joints when you are lifting. 5.You must priorities your workout days here is an example. Day 1 Chest+Tricep Day 2 Shoulder+Bicep Day 3 Legs+Lats Day 4 Cardio+Abs Day 5 Calves+forearms+neck 6. You must drink a lot of water everyday, 1 liter is NOT at all ok my friend. Hope my answer helped you !
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