Need advice for replacing my PSU.?

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  • Need advice for replacing my PSU.?


Answer #1 | 27/12 2013 20:23
The GTX 560 pulls a maximum 150 watts (not overclocked) and the GTX 760 pulls 170 watts maximum (again, stock speed). Your CPU pulls either 95 watts or 125 watts depending on the specific model, but either way you've got power to spare. You're existing power supply is more than adequate, but if you're having problems you can't explain it won't hurt to replace it. Instead of focusing on the total watts, check the amperage the 12-volt and 5-volt rails can supply. Multiply the amps of the rail(s) by 12 to get the total power the 12-volt portion provides. Multiply the 5-volt rail amperage by 5 volts to get the total power the 5-volt portion supplies. This is the more important factor for the power supply. Better brands produce more reliable power as the load approaches the limit. Your 12-volt rail is the primary power source to your CPU and graphics cards. If it doesn't have the power necessary for your equipment, you'll get stability and shut down issues.
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