My story is starting to sound like one that's already published?

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  • My story is starting to sound like one that's already published?


Answer #1 | 10/01 2014 15:32
Don't worry about that, Being a Good writer is learning how to hide your resources. Take the Transformer movie, Revenge of the Fallen. Well, there is allot of similar patterns to say the atlantis and nephilim story. When you read mythology through different ages, things have different names but the patterns are the same. What makes it boring for me, is I am still playing chess and the only thing that changes are the chess pieces. But the movements, patterns, and the game is the same. But every now and than, someone does an amazing job at hiding his resources. When I think, I think in patterns myself. Like when I hear the sayings... "its not what you know, but, who you know" I see a structure with one person on top. Mob rule so to speak. Its because I think visually. Sometimes, saying the same thing from a different thought mode stimulates thinking....its all about can be the best speller and write, but, the ones who know how to stimulate thought. My advice: hide your resources avoid being typical are predictive stimulate thought by the way, I am not a Just trying to help. Although, I will say, in the 6th grade I wrote the best short story and had to beat some asian girl who only got A's. I won!!! I can't remember if it was just my school or the school district but it was important enough that I got a picture in the News paper and interviewed. I wanted to win because no one even thought of me winning. So I proved them wrong. But when I saw the other talented kids, I was so out of place, they were so fake and self absorbed that my stomach literally turned. So when my face was in the newspaper, I looked I was just like...get me OUT of here pleeeease. lol
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