My Hyundai Accent shreds front tires in 10-12,000 miles?

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  • My Hyundai Accent shreds front tires in 10-12,000 miles?


Answer #1 | 03/12 2013 19:17
Are you taking it to a mechanic or a legitimate tire shop? A tire shop will probably know what's going on. For example, since I work on GM vehicles, I know that a Pontiac Grand Prix has a tendency to have uneven wear if you do a lot of sharp turns. Especially if you are a speed demon on the turns. Its just inherent of the way the steering and suspension was designed. You should be rotating your tires to get the most out of the whole set. It sounds like you're not. Also, not all tires are created equal. Each brand and line, will have different mileage ratings. If your getting cheaper brands like Douglas from walmart, they are garbage tires in my opinion and had many of them only last 10K miles before going out despite being rated for much higher miles. Its worth the extra $20 for a entry level name brand then go with those.
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Answer #2 | 04/12 2013 10:30
Sounds like you are buying junk tires and them blame the car or you are taking it to a backyard mechanic who know nothing. You describe a problem than any mechanic who IS a mechanic could find.
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Answer #3 | 04/12 2013 12:37
Sub-par quality tires only will last 10 to 20k miles. Don't buy junk. If you suspension system has it's integrity then quality tires will make all the difference.
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