my ex we broke up he still helps me pays my bills but he says im hes little toy we lived together for 8 moth?

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  • my ex we broke up he still helps me pays my bills but he says im hes little toy we lived together for 8 moth?


Answer #1 | 27/07 2006 23:25
you should move out.
Answer #2 | 27/07 2006 23:28
Hold your head up and walk away. There is someone out there better than him. Holding onto your ex only delays you finding the right guy. Next!
Answer #3 | 27/07 2006 23:28
Leave. Get a job to support yourself if you don't have one. And you will get your self respect back. Will you hurt? Probably, but aren't you hurting now? Use your head girl! Don't make decisions with your emotions but with your head. Ask yourself what you would tell your daughter if she were where you are now...then do that.
Answer #4 | 27/07 2006 23:28
i say ..dump your own bills...find a man that's all yours.
Answer #5 | 27/07 2006 23:26
don't rust.
Answer #6 | 27/07 2006 23:29
If he is that stupid to keep paying your bills...LET HIM! get on with your life .. there isnt too many men that will pay bills for the ex.. I say enjoy!
Answer #7 | 27/07 2006 23:31
It's hard to understand your question...there's many grammar and spelling problem. From what I made out, it just sounds like he is completely disrespecting you. It sounds like he cares enough to still pay your bills and he's trying to say that he don't want to be in a committed relationship with you but will have you in the bedroom from time to time. Try to salvage some dignity and let him go completely. You can't talk your way into someone's heart if he is resistant. You are hurt right now but as long as you keep your ties with him, your pain will not subside. Perhaps you ought to move on and I'm sure you will find someone who will want to love you like you want to be loved.
Answer #8 | 31/07 2006 21:06
Find another sugar daddy, play toy.
Answer #9 | 27/07 2006 23:34
Answer #10 | 27/07 2006 23:31
u know u can do better than dat dint let a guy hurt u in dat way i know it hurts but ur heart would heal just give it time and let his azz go it seems he doesn't deserve u and this comes from a gurl dat has being hurt too we all hurt but have a back bone dint be sad enjoy life to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!
Answer #11 | 27/07 2006 23:31
My ex AND I broke up. He still helps me pay my bills, but he says I'm HIS little toy. We lived together for eight Months. He is talking to HIS ex on the computer. I WANTED to try again to see if we could work things out, but it seems like he doesn't. He says I'm HIS little toy. What should i do? I'm very sad and hurt. That's all i have to say to you.

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