My Ex is still leading on that there is a future with us?

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  • My Ex is still leading on that there is a future with us?


Answer #1 | 18/01 2014 00:14
Its seems that the back injury has come between you both as well as his inability to commit for what ever reason. It must be very hard when you genuinely have feelings for someone, however I think that you need to have a face to face discussion even on skype if needed to put in some clear boundaries. Tell him that this twoing and froing is not going to work for you and whilst you appreciate you are both in different states tell him your feelings " I am confused about us and I need to know if I am here for the long haul with you" I would also say "I am exhausted as the confusion about his feelings or thoughts for you seem to come and go" I would also let him know you cant wait around for ever but you would be happy to be his friend... be empathetic to him as he may not be able to talk feelings with you when you have the chat. If he doesnt say much that is fine and normal, guys need to be able to solve the problem and sometimes silence comes when they do that. Keep yourself busy and maybe put a small time frame in for you if he cant come back to you within a certain time to be realistic with you then you really need to let go. I would also be abit slow in delaying to or not replying to any of his contacts show him you have a life, guys like to chase if he knows your available he will continue with the current behaviours. Good luck

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