My dad scares me with road rage?

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  • My dad scares me with road rage?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 21:06
take the bus. or just sit in the back and close your eyes or look at your phone.
Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 21:21
Why dont you try to get him to use less caffeine, that sure helped me. Avoid riding with him if you can, if you have to, ride in the back, and buckle up securely, also you may want to put on a helmet when you ride with him, maybe he will pay attention to you then, a bike helmet might help. It sounds funny, but he may wake up to what he is doing, show him this answer.
Answer #3 | 20/12 2013 21:27
He's being childish, irresponsible and endangering other peoples lives. Ask him if the way he drives is the way he wants you to drive when you get your license in a few years. Ask him if he thinks he's setting a good example for you. Tell him to explain to you why he can't just cut people some slack. He needs to read the "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" series of books, but more importantly needs anger management counseling. That's a tough situation. Good luck getting through to him and don't stop trying.
Answer #4 | 21/12 2013 07:12
Sadly, you are entirely right about your situation. What you describe is typical of road rage (the real kind), you are truly powerless to change his behavior, are dependent on him for transportation and will be for several years. I wish you were not in that situation and I wish the other millions of children in any country were not in bad situations like that. You have only one option, and that is to find ways to minimize the impact on your life. The only good news is that in spite of his out-of-control way of driving he is not so much driving recklessly (he would have been stopped by something - impacts or the law - by now) as he is venting. At some point that may change but if you can protect your ears and your mind, life will be tolerable at least in that way.
Answer #5 | 21/12 2013 11:12
Get earplugs so you can't hear him scream. Close your eyes so you don't see what's happening. Actually, I think the first answer that suggested taking a bus was better. Do that.
Answer #6 | 21/12 2013 07:26
My father was like that. He stopped when I told him that one day I was going to drive just like him. My father was just as thoughtless as yours except he also smoked in the car even though my best friend was allergic to it. He didn't care. Today, 36 years later he feels like a donkey but it's not good enough to replace what he did. If I were you, I'd take the bus or get cab fare from him while telling him he's a bad example and his temper is not impressive driving skills. Tell him no when he wants to drive with you in the car. My father drove better with me in the car after that but it didn't last. Today his wife, whom is not my mother, refuses to drive with him. They take separate cars to get to the same destination. Nuts? I think so but again he doesn't care. Yes he pays a high insurance rate and thinks that accidents happen anyway but it's no big deal. It is a huge deal to me and I haven't gone in a car with him in over 36 years, unless it's me driving. I drive a semi today, my car and my boat cost me less than $1,200 per year. I know what it's like to drive with a maniac behind the wheel so I am not like him. His insurance is more than $6000.00 per year for one car.

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