My Dad and my friend have flirty chats with each other on Facebook. Is it too far?

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  • My Dad and my friend have flirty chats with each other on Facebook. Is it too far?


Gramma | 04/09 2017 23:09
Tell and show your mom. It's gross and is a violation of family trust .
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Anonymous198039 | 06/09 2017 04:42
Your mom deserves the truth.
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Anonymous689946 | 05/09 2017 00:07
Tell your dad to stop , that it hurts you and makes you very uncomfortable . If he doesn't stop tell your mom. Save all the pages you've seen but don't tell dad or your friend.
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Anonymous689946 | 05/09 2017 00:09
Your friend is not your friend. Drop her. You don't even have to say why.
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Anonymous | 29/11 2017 01:18
Tell your mom . If she's wise she will talk to your friends dad. After she does that , and only after she does tell your friends dad , then she should tell your dad what she did with a witness even if she tells him over the phone. I'm a parent of a teen , and I would be sick and angry if my ex flirted with kids. It's wrong.
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Anonymous7502621 | 26/02 2018 03:24
If it were my dad , I would tell my student counsellor at school to ask what to do. Does your father know that you know what he's doing ?? Tell your counsellor everything about this . Or you could call your local non emergency police number, and ask them anonymously what to do.
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Anonymous433491 | 07/04 2018 22:09
If your friend is underage it could be a crime. If my dad did that I would be very angry.
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Anonymous8364151 | 26/02 2018 03:26
That is so disgusting and creepy ! Tell the police .
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