My car vibrates when braking. vibration disappears when body throttle is cleaned?

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  • My car vibrates when braking. vibration disappears when body throttle is cleaned?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 00:18
EDIT : i THINK understand your problem with this question now , why people are saying it is your brake rotors . It is the way you phrased your question. " My car vibrates when braking " " when braking " would mean , you are pushing on the brake pedal as the car is still moving , wheels turning , while you are slowing down to stop . if that is what was happening , the the brake rotors would be the problem . .. BUT , I think what you mean is " When stopped at traffic light or stop sign . After my car is at full stop and i just have my foot on the brake . My car vibrates " is that what you meant to say ? . Not that your car vibrates " while braking " but " vibrates when stopped with my brake foot on the brake pedal. " So now , you think it is your engine vibrating when are stopped at a stop light , correct ? Is it a vibration you can feel ? or do you mean something is vibrating and rattling and you can hear it .? Also , do you have a manual or auto transmission ? I think you mean you can feel it ., right ? Maybe just your " idle speed / rpm " just slowed down a little . if you have a tachometer in your car you can see the rpm. When you are stopped with your foot on brake , if you apply the gas pedal and speed up the engine just a little it will stop vibrating correct ? Other than this vibrating at full stop , the car runs fine ,correct ? If so , could be as simple as your idle speed has dropped below what it should be . If you have a auto transmission. if you put in neutral while you are stopped , the vibration will go away , correct ? if so that is because eng in creased speed a few rpms and is running smooth .
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Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 00:16
ask them to true up the rotors
Answer #3 | 29/12 2013 00:24
Definitely get run-out on the rotors checked, if needed have them machined or replaced, check the brake pads for uneven or tapered wear. Or just take the vehicle to a shop and ask for a complete brake system check. Hope this helped & good luck!
Answer #4 | 29/12 2013 02:10
Does your car vibrate when you are braking or when you are fully braked at a stop light? Vibration while braking will have nothing to do with your throttle body but your car may need some new rotor replacements to fix that issue. Vibration while while idling at a stop light could be anything like worn out spark plugs and wires, vacuum leaks, broken engine mounts, faulty TPS sensor, IAC valve, etc.....maybe try somewhere else to have your car maintained as the dealer you are currently using doesn't seem to know what the cure is.
Answer #5 | 29/12 2013 02:49
There is no need to explain something that you as a consumer will not have the proper tooling to do the repair. What you'll need to know is: If the vibration that you've felt at the steering wheel the most when you step on the brake pedal then that's it: The brake rotors need to be "Machined" to correct the "Out of round" or "Run out" by the use of an "On car brake lathe" Get help from the repair shop and you can show them my reply.. It'll cure the problem..if the shop has an "On car brake lathe" cost thousand and thousand of dollars. Send me a message if you need additional help. Yahoo will forward the message to my E-mail, then we'll talk after I give you my phone number or E mail address. I've two repair shops wishing you're in my town..

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