my brain hurts when i try to think?

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  • my brain hurts when i try to think?


Answer #1 | 16/06 2006 23:03
Answer #2 | 16/06 2006 23:05
no, you're probably just tired or have done a lot today.... eat and drink a little and then rest.... dont worry, it happens to the best of us .. :D
Answer #3 | 16/06 2006 23:04
wow! (That's all I can really say about that!)
Answer #4 | 16/06 2006 23:04
maybe its just a headache and has nothing to do when you think. or u just need sum reast. ur probably under a lot of pressure and are going thru a lot of stress
Answer #5 | 16/06 2006 23:03
maybe it's add
Answer #6 | 16/06 2006 23:07
your so stupid
Answer #7 | 16/06 2006 23:09
duh don't think
Answer #8 | 23/06 2006 19:39
It means you need to exercise your brain more. A good start would be to think of a way to make yourself sound intelligent instead of thinking of a way to make yourself sound stupid (your word, not mine). I'm sure you are perfectly intelligent or you would not know how to use your computer. Get to working that brain!
Answer #9 | 23/06 2006 07:04
Its more psychological.. to be frank you may not like to think..or you are putting up a show
Answer #10 | 20/06 2006 08:40
well thats your fult
Answer #11 | 16/06 2006 23:38
heck no! im the same dang way. which that mite be cuz im suthr'n. down hur n da south aint none of us think

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