My boyfriend just broke up with me what should i do?

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  • My boyfriend just broke up with me what should i do?


Answer #1 | 10/07 2008 14:47
Move on. Don't give him the satisfaction of begging or of making an effort to "get even."
Answer #2 | 10/07 2008 14:51
never beg it just makes you desperate getting revenge is awsome but its not worth it(karma)move on is the only way good luck=]
Answer #3 | 10/07 2008 14:50
Move on. He broke up with you because he does not want you. I am sure you can find someone who will.
Answer #4 | 10/07 2008 14:50
I think you should move on. I know it's hard, but the best thing to do is to forget about him. Revenge never solves anything. It just starts a war.
Answer #5 | 10/07 2008 14:47
move on...have fun..get a new bf
Answer #6 | 10/07 2008 14:48
try dating another boy that he really hates, make him jeleaus then he will want you. don't beg for him, make him beg for you!! I know
Answer #7 | 10/07 2008 14:51
revenge-no it will always come back to haunt ya. You know do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Not as they have done to you. Move On-yes there are more fish in the sea Beg- never, why would you want someone that doesnt want you? Hope that helps.
Answer #8 | 10/07 2008 14:54
Move on sweety....he is not worth the revenge or begging!! I am sure there are plenty other guys out there for you.
Answer #9 | 13/07 2008 15:38
move on
Answer #10 | 14/07 2008 12:24
sorry to hear that, but you should move on, and for sure don't get revenge or beg.
Answer #11 | 13/07 2008 14:16
How is this about dining out in France?
Answer #12 | 11/07 2008 17:03
move on and take him to the bakery
Answer #13 | 10/07 2008 16:09
Move on and have fun with your friends ,if you were good to him he will come and beg you back!!! Never seem desperate to rekindle a relationship that you did not want to end.
Answer #14 | 10/07 2008 18:42
If you go back out with him its not going to last forever! Maybe that was meant to happen! There might be another guy out there for you and he will care for you! Just move on, there is tons a great guys out there not just your old boyfriend! Do get revenge or beg just move on! He was the one who broke your heart if he did to me i would not beg for another chance.

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