My bf and my charts...are we compatible?

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  • My bf and my charts...are we compatible?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 07:18
You have not given the information that astrologers need to determine compatibility. I would refer you onto this explanation of "synastry", which is how astrological compatibility is determined. We need to see the entire circle chart, the one with all the symbols. You have given a list, and the list is lacking what we need. But be sure you understand what astrology can and cannot do for your question. Astrology can point out areas of compatibility, and also areas of incompatibility. All relationships have both, once the honeymoon phase has died out. And it's the INcompatibility that can ruin a relationship. We never have problems with the compatibility, but unfortunately it is not the compatibility or love that makes it work ... it is the relationship skill level and the emotional maturity for both individuals, the ability to work out problems as a team, and their ability to relax and accept each other's flaws. Astrology can point out: (1) If there is a bond that will survive beyond the infatuation/honeymoon phase. Without this bond, when the problems start to crop up, the couple breaks up. But the bond is no guarantee of an easy relationship. THIS is easy to tell IF you provide two circle charts done up for birthtimes. (2) Where the compatibility exists, and where the problems will be encountered. This is not easy to convey, because it generally takes an hour of person-to-person real-time discussion to cover all the synastry aspects in the chart. The aspects tell you HOW two people get along or why they do NOT get along. The signs will explain, in more detail, why there is this compatibility or incompatibility. But the signs themselves (which is all you have provided) do not tell you IF there is compatibility or not. For instance, he has Sun in Aquarius, she has Moon in Leo. Depending on WHERE (the degree) each of these planets are in their sign, Sun-Moon could be in an incompatible opposition aspect, OR could be in a harmonious trine aspect, OR there could be NO interaction between his Sun-need and her Moon-need (that would be if there was no synastry aspect between these two planets). Always look at the aspects first. Then use the signs to fill out the information provided by the aspects.
Answer #2 | 24/12 2013 11:15
Are you and your partner happy? If the answer to this question is “yes”, why be concerned what some know-nothing astrologer thinks. These people are useless scare mongers, peddling fear and uncertainty. Focus on what is important in your life; your partner and your relationship. All the best

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