Mom stole my tax refund?

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  • Mom stole my tax refund?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 08:22
Have her charged with forgery and uttering.
Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 08:26
Aww11 I think she already spent it. Hope there are still some hundreds left for you to spend.
Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 08:24
Tell her you want your money and if she does not comply then tell her she's leaving you with choice but to go to the police and have her done for fraud/theft! What other choices do you have? It's christmas and money is very tight and I'm sure your mother knows that!
Answer #4 | 23/12 2013 08:33
Report her to the police for theft. Let your tax office know your new address.
Answer #5 | 23/12 2013 08:37
File a case with the issuer of the tax refund stating that you have not received it. When they investigate the matter, the check will be found, you can then refute the signature and let your mom go to jail for fraud. Or you can tell her your plans and she can decide to pay you the money directly. If she does not pay, make the call.
Answer #6 | 23/12 2013 13:12
I think Archer2000 nailed it.. report to issuing tax bureau and track it from there. One additional detail you can ask them is to track down the routing & acct number where it was cashed, and have them call the bank to determine the name of the person who owns the account. Then you don't have to directly confront her, but it'll get resolved the right way.
Answer #7 | 23/12 2013 08:41
You inform the police and you have your mother prosecuted for fraud. Or, you let her keep it.

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