Microwaved food and sickness?

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  • Microwaved food and sickness?


Answer #1 | 06/10 2013 03:37
Its a problem with the food, its combination and some irregularity in preservence. Just study the food and check your history too.
Answer #2 | 06/10 2013 07:26
It's very possible. it happens to me. i also get bloated
Answer #3 | 06/10 2013 07:55
microwaved foods have nothing to do with food poisoning at all someone in the kitchen may not have properly washed their hands before cooking or the food wasnt properly cooked or washed
Answer #4 | 06/10 2013 07:17
Yes, it's been happening to me alot too lately. Becareful with what you eat. lots of fast foods are greasy and unhealthy.
Answer #5 | 06/10 2013 07:13
Microwaving food does not make it hazardous to eat. However, if the food had already been prepared and allowed to return to room temperature without refrigeration, it might have become spoiled, and microwaving it to heat it back up won't change that.
Answer #6 | 06/10 2013 06:33
It is unlikely that the microwave oven would cause sickness. I would look at the type of food you;re eating. Is it heavy in sauce? Fatty? Full of high acidic foods like tomatoes? I'd be looking more at WHAT you are eating not where you're eating or how it is prepared.
Answer #7 | 06/10 2013 07:07
its natural
Answer #8 | 06/10 2013 09:06
Food poisoning does not show up till at least 24 hrs after eating the food. I highly doubt that you got food poisoning. Look back to what you ate the night before, it might be that it is there that you got the food poisoning from.
Answer #9 | 06/10 2013 09:55
One way of finding out if it is the food in this particular restaturant, is to go to the place and order different meals. Keep track of what you ordered and see if there is any commonality in what you are eating - ie: rice, pasta. Then go back again and order different meals. If one or both of you get ill, there is something in the food prep that is causing a problem. Switch restaurants.
Answer #10 | 06/10 2013 14:31
Yes avoid microwaves at all cost...I don't use mine. Also, avoid bread and wheat...get back to me after you avoid bread for 30 days and tell me how you feel and if you visit the loo less after having excluded bread and maybe dairy too from your diet for a full 30 days...I'm looking forward to hearing from you..bc I care about people and the health of people, otherwise I wouldn't spend my time typing like a mad man on here...Get back to me, thanks!
Answer #11 | 06/10 2013 14:40
Not a problem
Answer #12 | 06/10 2013 14:13
Yes , it is normal aware
Answer #13 | 06/10 2013 11:49
Food poisoning from bacteria and viruses takes hours, often at least half a day or a day. And microwaving can't contaminate food; it works by making water molecules move around quickly which generates heat; it doesn't add anything to the food or change anything about it (except cook it). So if you are actually getting sick from something in the food, it would have to be an ingredient that you're sensitive to - for instance if you are lactose intolerant you could have problems from dairy. I suppose it could also be something like a preservative, or a contaminant, for instance if they accidentally put soap in the food.
Answer #14 | 06/10 2013 10:22
Answer #15 | 06/10 2013 10:33

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