Men - Describe the perfect women? Looks wise?

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  • Men - Describe the perfect women? Looks wise?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 13:07
height/weight proportionate, athletic, toned, but not body-builder toned, B-C cup, symmetrical, happy looking, has all her teeth. Not fat, not anorexic looking. Any natural hair color is fine with me. Died pink, not so much. Bald or crew cut not so much. Not a fan of huge tats everywhere either or excessive body piercings.
Answer #2 | 02/01 2014 13:11
Well I have various types however the only 'type' that I've never been attracted to is: white ginger know the typical "celtic/scottish look". Not saying I'll never be attracted to such woman - but hasn't happened yet. As to body type: not super chubby but not super annorexic either - just normal and...yeah if it's slightly athletic won't be disadvantage! Face: beautiful?? (whatever "beautiful" means). Hair color: I like them all but again...just not quite the red-haired color, however black, brown and blond is all cool - and as a teenage guy at least my dream haircut on a woman was this girl from the movie "Underworld" - kate beckinsale or so. My current gf has long ebony hair as she's Asian makes sense. As to ethnicity: Asian, white, black. And about eye color: Usually light eyes but dark eyes too, sometimes dark eyes even more, can't pick one really. Hm....I can probably write even more but you got me on my lazier time of the evening - and again i don't want to sound too picky, i am really open to various "types".
Answer #3 | 02/01 2014 13:14
I don't *know* Belle. I honestly don't. May be a girl like the Youtuber that goes by the name "The Persian Babe". I have a huge crush on her Why do people give TD's for subjective answers? I don't get it
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