Meditate forget?

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  • Meditate forget?


Answer #1 | 10/03 2017 06:54
Meditate "nothingness." -- Forgive me, I was being sarcastic. The answer is to forgive. According to [1 Peter 5:7] we must cast it upon the Lord. {Meditating on it, would mean to pour it into a mold} -- Glad you could spot the difference -- As soon as we cast it upon the Lord, He takes care of it and causes an instant "inner peace" to take hold of us. He also prepares the "forgiven," to ensure that both benefit from a peaceful solution.
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Answer #3 | 10/03 2017 06:51
Maybe. In the early days of Buddhism, the idea was just to sit and think nothing, and through this, learn to control the mind, and the desires of the mind, which are apparently the cause of all suffering. However, as humans, it is almost going against our very nature to even attempt what the Buddhists claim they can do, but the point is not to do and think nothing, but to achieve a temporary sense of satori, connection to the other, enlightenment, and to know the unity of all things. When you know the unity of all things, it would follow that you would treat all life with respect, and be nice, peaceful, in theory. That was at least the teachings of the Buddha, but the precepts are pretty much made to be broken, and in reality, the things set out were just one man's opinion.
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