Meddling family members and unnecessary drama?

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  • Meddling family members and unnecessary drama?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 11:24
I don't know your age group, but you sound like adults. At least thats the impression I got. You do know that as adults, you OWE NOTHING TO NO ONE, if you are independent, RIGHT? Also, DISMAL of family or enemies is permitted from either side, even if not accepted or agreed upon. I once traveled to Washington from Sacramento to meet my girlfriends parent, because she wanted me too. Her friends all warned me about her Mom. When we got to her Moms place, I pulled her to the side real quick. I told her ("I don't give a f*** what your parents think of me. My relationship is with you and when we get back home, WE are WHO WE have to deal with. I just wanted you to know, it doesn't matter to me if they like me or not.") After that talk, We had a great stress free time visiting and her folks were very sweet. My girlfriend was relaxed the whole time, because she knew the end result. Every thing was safe between her and I. As for how to win... that's easy. Have the same talk with your mate that I did. It lets you know where you stand with each other. Then NO MATTER what the family has to "say or does", you just respond with "Hmmm." and NOTHING else. They won't know if you agreed or disagreed or having something more to say. Leave them hanging. There won't be any arguments, criticism or further discussions.. they won't know how to read you. Its a GREAT way to F*** with people.

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