Major Depression and no Support?

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  • Major Depression and no Support?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 04:27
my first advice is to never give up on urself. you dont need to throw ur life away even though its hard in life. i have been through depression and other things with mental health so i know how it is. life is priceless though and so are u. u are worth being on earth. there is only one u in this life so live it to the best u can. ok i know you said your parents would listen and they didnt so i would get back into the hospital for now. not forever but just for now so u can have someone to help support you through the hard times. they will help u. you can call 911 to do so if ur parents wont let u go. they should be allowed to and help u seen an consuler there who can help as well. also ik in communitys they have where they can help u get a place on ur own even some free living places so you may want to contact the place where they do food stamps at in your community. they should be the office to take care of that and help u. they acourse can also get u on food stamps to help with food. just always know there are resources in the community who can help. even at the hospital ask for help and what there advice is. dont be afraid to. but please call 911 to get back to the hospital until u can get the help . i really do wish u the best and please ik life can knock us down but pick urself back up. things get better and will improve. good luck:)
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