Lost my I.D, any way i can get into the bar still?

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  • Lost my I.D, any way i can get into the bar still?


Answer #1 | 07/02 2013 06:51
If you are a girl, you get special treatment when going in a bar, for example: you are 18 and you have to be 21 to get in the bar, the security guard will let you in because you are a girl. You need an ID to get the bar. If you are a male, you have to be 21. The Canada law states :There are some places that will let you in if you are 18 if you don't consume alcohol. These places are usually attached to restaurants (the Keg, Montanas, Boston Pizza etc.). If it is a nightclub that is mostly just a bar/dance club, they won't let anyone in that isn't 19 because the main source of income it derived by the sale of alchohol and the bartenders and waitstaff are too busy to be checking ID. Hope this helps.
Answer #2 | 09/02 2013 10:35
You will need your ID. If you get into a club or bar, and don't get carded, and a police officer shows up and asks to see your ID (sounds like it doesn't happen very often, but it really does) and you don't have it, they can charge the establishment, and may try to shut it down. As well as whomever is serving you could get fired. It's not really fair, just drink at home with friends until your new ID shows up.

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