Losing weight help if you can please?

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  • Losing weight help if you can please?


Answer #1 | 30/12 2013 03:43
Hi, the best way to loose weight is to keep to a healthy diet and exercise regularly. You need to walk for about 30 minutes minimum for it to be effective usually an 50 mins to an hour is great, but running is the best way to loose weight. Running 3 to 4 times a week is the most effective way. Every one is different and some will be able to run longer distances than others. Just make sure when you are running that you don't stop when you feel you are getting a little tired you have to push yourself and get past that or the run won't be effective. For example, when I first started running I ran a realistic track that I knew I could do and I set myself goals, when I could run the track in 10 minutes at a fast pace I would run further and did the same until I reached my goal weight. I also did crunches watch videos on youtube to make sure that you are doing them correctly so that they are effective. Weigh yourself in the morning after going to the toilet, as by the end of the day you have a whole days worth of food in your body. Dont be too hard on yourself there will be weeks where you will only loose a little and then weeks when you will loose more. As long as you keep at it and determined you will achieve it. Good luck hope you reach your goal weight :)

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