looking for a laptop with these specs?

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  • looking for a laptop with these specs?


Answer #1 | 26/12 2013 13:32
If you're looking for a budget gaming PC, stop looking for an i7 processor. An i7 costs your $100 extra over an equivalent i5 and doesn't improve your gaming experience. You're much better off spending that extra money on extra RAM or an SSD drive. It could very well be that the site made a mistake and corrected the price, it could be that the Xmas sales are over and you're now paying the full price, but it's really hard to find computers with the specifications that you put up, unless you're looking at refurbished computers (e.g. bestbuy), but that is something I really don't recommend. The other thing is, maybe if you're on such a budget, you should check into a gaming desktop instead of a laptop. For that money, you can buy yourself quite a nice gaming computer with all the requirements that you post.
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Answer #2 | 26/12 2013 13:27
It doesn't have to be i7. There are many other cheaper processors with more than 2.6 GHz. Every laptop comes with 3 ports and an HDMI. 500gb HDD and 6GB ram isn't too hard to find, there should be many options less than $600 in the US and Canada. Not sure about other countries. I just bought an Acer with 500gb HDD, 4GB RAM and 2.8GHz for $400 in Canada. Anyway, You should look into gaming laptops designed for gaming with the proper graphic setup.

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