Long service leave for casuals in NSW?

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  • Long service leave for casuals in NSW?


Answer #1 | 17/12 2013 13:10
You cannot take just a few hours or days of long service leave, you need to take a long period. For instance, if you are owed two months LSL, you have to take this in one long period or two periods of one month each. You can't dip in and take just a bit of leave. And when you do take LSL it has to fit in with your employer's work requirements. You cannot take leave just because you feel like it. In addition, if you are not working on these particuar days, then there is no requirement to grant leave of any kind - leave is for time off on your work days. EDIT: But, if you are not working on the days you've applied for leave, you cannot have leave - your employer is correct! Paid leave is to cover days that you are working but want to take off. Your employer cannot grant you leave if you have are not rostered for work.

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