liver disease cissories of the liver?

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  • liver disease cissories of the liver?


Answer #1 | 24/12 2013 15:52
Do not believe that doctor that answered because I doubt he is a doctor from his answer. Jaundice is not from daily boozing and any doctor would know that. Jaundice is due to high biliruben levels in the body which can occur for many reasons. There are at least 50 liver diseases not related to alcohol abuse that can have jaundice as a symptom. Alcohol abuse is just one of many reasons a person could have jaundice. Gallbladder problems can also cause it to occur. The disease you are talking about is cirrhosis of the liver which is when scar tissue replaces healthy tissue in the body. A person with cirrhosis of the liver does not shake from having cirrhosis. But someone who is an alcoholic who goes into withdrawal can become shaky when they quit drinking. That really has nothing to do with their cirrhosis and everything to do with their alcohol abuse. Cirrhosis is permanent liver damage that never goes away and never gets better. There is no cure for it other than a liver transplant. An alcoholic may be able to get one, but there are many many requirements they must go through in order to qualify for one. The first requirement is 6 months of detox under the care of a doctor before they will even begin to start to consider them for a transplant. Many alcoholics either will not or cannot comply with all that is required or become so sick that they would never survive the surgery and are denied. It's a tough road for them to get one because they not only have to deal with being sick from liver failure, but they have to deal with their alcoholism problems on top of it at the same time.
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