KNOT: I'm drawing a complete

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  • KNOT: I'm drawing a complete


Answer #1 | 19/06 2010 14:15
Towards the end I remember Ron had basilisks fangs in his arms , I think it's just before Fred dies but don't quote me on that
Answer #2 | 19/06 2010 14:16
When Ron says they should go save the house elves. And Hermoine is so happy she just plants one on him XD
Answer #3 | 19/06 2010 14:24
"Oi! There's a war going on here!" Ron and Hermione broke apart, their arms still around each other "I know, mate," said Ron, who looked as though he had recently been hit on the back of the head with a Bludger, "so it's now or never, isn't it?" "Never mind that, what about the Horcrux?" Harry shouted"D'you think you could just - just hold it in until we've got the diadem?" "Yeah - right - sorry -" said Ron, and he and Hermione set about gathering up fangs, both pink in the face ^quote

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