Just walked out of my restaurant job mid shift?

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  • Just walked out of my restaurant job mid shift?


Answer #1 | 29/09 2013 14:59
I worked at Applebees for about a month beffor I didn't come back. you dont have to be taken for granted. someone should have been helping you. I dont blame you for it. just apologize & explain that you won't take their sh¡t. go work at RedRobin if you can find one close to you. theyre great!
Answer #2 | 29/09 2013 17:32
If they fire him, do you want his job?
Answer #3 | 01/10 2013 00:09
You done well. Go back and get your money. If they give you any sh*t, just walk out without saying a word. If you want to work there again, demand the manager apologize to you, and make sure it's a sincere apology. In addition to that, don't go back without a higher pay and take a week off first. Power to the people! More of us should tell management to get frucked more often. .
Answer #4 | 01/10 2013 05:16
You showed your lack of maturity in walking out. That will get you some great references when you apply for another job. As far as going in to get your tips, forget it! You dont deserve them. Period! If you didnt like working there, you should have been professional enough to give a two week notice and resigned.

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